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Rabbit Stew at Northwest Folklife Festival

Folklife Poster 2015.jpg

We're stoked to play at Folklife this year! You can find us in two time slots, both on Saturday, May 23rd. First, we're hosting an old time jam from 12:00-12:50pm in the Boeing Green venue. We're going to explore short tunes, do a little singing along the way, and maybe even lace a couple of tunes together for non-stop fun. Come to play, sing, or watch!

Later that evening you don't want to miss the "Hot Squares" series -- three bands, three callers, three hours, starting at 6pm. Victory Chicken starts off the squares, with Joanne Stodden calling. Rabbit Stew is the meat in the middle, with Dean Wenick calling. And the Tallboys are the dance dessert, with Tony Mates calling. Hot squares indeed!

You can find the entire Folklife schedule on their website http:// When we're not playing, you might find us at Crankie Fest!, the Canote Brothers, the Onlies, Crow Quill Night Owls, or Squirrel Butter, among other performances. So much to see and do! Hope to find you there!

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