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Off and dancing with the Gypsy Squares!


What a great kickoff to our renewed dance series, the Gypsy Squares, at the renewed venue, the Stone Way Cafe! A great turnout, some amazing figures instructed and called by Gabe Strand, and a good time had by all.

Looking out from the stage we are always struck by the mix of dancers the venue allows -- young, old, and everything in between. There are so few opportunities anymore for multi-generational interactions. Adults modeling great social skills to kids, and kids modeling raw enthusiasm and delight for everyone else.

We'll be at it again next month, on Saturday, February 28th. Look for our fancy new sandwich board as the date approaches, look for a new poster containing all the relevant details, and we'll look for you on the dance floor!


#seattlesquaredancing #gypsysquares

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