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Back Yard Square Dance

This is a story about a party. A grand backyard shindig to celebrate a local coffee shop, Cafe Lulu, owned and operated by Karen Laurie. We wheelbarrowed ourselves down to Karen's house, where the front yard was dominated by a whole pig, roasting in a La Caha China box, the side yard was dominated by tables of food groaning under their own weight, and the back yard was transformed into a grassy dance space and outdoor dining hall. What a magical night!


Karen had a sweet photo booth setup in her garage. We took full advantage.

You can find Cafe Lulu just off 65th and Latona -- check out this great neighborhood joint!

Feedback from Karen after the gig:

People could not say enough about the music this morning at Lulus. Y'all definitely set the tone for a great vibe and lovey party.


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