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We are three Seattle musicians with a shared love of music, dance, and having a fine old time.  With fiddle, banjo, and guitar we play traditional American music from the late 1800s and early 1900s -- a genre known as "Old TIme."  Dancing is the almost inevitable partner to this music, and we're often joined by one of many talented Seattle area square dance callers.  Old Time music was, and is, community music played at community events -- we'd love to bring some music and dance to your next celebration!


Beth on guitar

Beth Clemetson's super powers include, but are not limited to, boom chucking, an infinite cheerfulness, and the voice of an angel.  Beth is versatile on many instruments, but in Rabbit Stew she lays down the laws of rhythm and tempo with her Larrivee guitar, and finds sweet harmony parts on vocals. 

David on banjo

David Pearlstein plays the banjo in the old time clawhammer style, much to the delight of everyone we meet.  Seriously.  It's embarrassing sometimes how much attention David and his banjo garner from the world at large.  But it probably shouldn't come as a surprise -- David is full of tunes, songs, and talent.  Ask him about the dog with a sausage on its nose, inlaid into the fretboard of his instrument.

Alex on fiddle

Alex MacLeod is the melody maker, reviving tunes on the fiddle that have passed through the bows and fiddles of generations now past.  He has the talent of tune recall, spinning out hours of melody from memory.  His other primary talent involves the constant change of facial hair stylings.  Neither of these talents have yet found mainstream commercial success.

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